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Bontrager Wheel Service

Aftermarket services include custom graphics, wheel tune-ups, bearing upgrades and more.

The Bontrager Wheel Service Center now offers a full menu of after-purchase services for your customers to refresh their high-end Bontrager wheels. Options include:

  • *rebuilding wheels
  • *upgrading bearings
  • *replacing decals with any of the nine options available via Project One
  • Color options include White, Orange, Pink, Silver, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Platinum

This is perfect for the customer who wants to refresh the style of their wheel to match a new bike, or wants to get their race wheels ready for another season in the peloton.

Road Carbon Wheel Graphics Refresh - $69.99

  • *remove existing decals
  • *clean and inspect rim
  • *refresh rim with updated Bontrager decals

Standard Tune-up Service - $84.99

  • *clean and inspect brake track
  • *clean and inspect rim and spoke bed
  • *clean and inspect hub shell
  • *inspect hub bearings, axle, and freehub for wear
  • *de-tension spokes and replace all nipples
  • *re-tension and true
  • *stress wheel to factory specifications
  • *true to factory specifications
  • *(additional parts and services may incur extra charges)

Steel Bearing Replacement - $64.99

  • *clean and inspect hub shell
  • *replace hub shell bearings with Enduro ABEC-3 steel bearings

Ceramic Bearing Replacement - $164.99

  • *clean and inspect hub shell
  • *replace hub shell bearings with Enduro Zero hybrid ceramic bearings

Terms and Conditions

  1. 90 day satisfaction guaranteed from the date of repair completion.
  2. Customer to pay freight both ways. Bontrager returns shipment using UPS Ground unless otherwise requested - Expedited shipping available upon request
  3. Price is per wheel.
  4. Please allow 3-5 days for service work. Shipping time is additional.
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