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Maybe we have been friends for almost 30 years. Classmates at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Maybe we make each other laugh – a lot! Denis has owned several bicycle stores in Chicago since 1998 and Elizabeth has worn many hats (mom, artist, marketing director & over-volunteer) – so, yay! for us, we put it all together. Big deal – we are now more than friends and established Chicago Bicycle Company in 2016.

One of us may have lost some hair, and the other one may have changed colors. Weight lost, weight gained depending on the year. Maybe together we have 5 cool kids and are trying to make it all work. Chicago Bicycle Company’s recipe is: combining knowledge in the industry with creativity and a desire to build something awesome where we can work, play, laugh and love! Cheers to second chances and BFFs. #BigDeal

Thanks for stopping by!

Denis Smith & Elizabeth Georgescu

Co-Owners, Chicago Bicycle Company

Chicago Bicycle Company-Printers Row

Chicago Bicycle Company-North Center

3914 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL  60613

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